One filmmaker answers this question before each feature.

Director, Cinematographer and Originator Steve Moreau

Production coordinators Marc Legrand and Caroline Santiard

Mixing Samuel Mittelman

Color grading Paul Wattebled

Subtitles Jean Achache

Production Les films du voilier/l’ARP

Running time 2min each


Strange paradox at a time when cinema attendance rate is excellent.
Screens of all kinds, globally, invade our daily lives and trivialize images as never before.
Today, everyone makes images. But making images does not mean making a movie.
Tomorrow, who will make 
movies, and will we still even talk about movies?
The great American 
filmmaker of Italian origin Franck Capra had this maxim: “A man, a film”.
Behind each film, one must (or should) feel the presence of a filmmaker.
man or a woman who defends and expresses his or her ideas against all odds and shares them with us.”
But today, the notions of gaze, of point of view, are mishandled and threatened for a lot of reasons, instead of being taken into consideration.
But without a point of view, a film is useless. Hence the absolute need to give and/or to give back his/her place to the filmmaker.
Every time I happen to cross the path of a true filmmaker, I am full of respect and truly amazed by his or her career trajectory and energy.
are fighting against hurdles and walls of increasing difficulties. That is why, it seemed important to me to go and meet them with my little camera to feel their pulse with this banal, and yet not so obvious question: “What does it mean to be a filmmaker today?”
After all, who better to answer this question?

 Steve Moreau,
director and cinematographer