All is one

music video & live performance


  Presentation by and discussion with singer, songwriter and producer Joost Van Lubeek, director Sky Bear Aguilar and producers George Aguilar and Jeanne Labrune

Singer Joost Van Lubeek will also perform songs from his upcoming album All Is One during the Official Reception of the French Film Festival on Saturday evening, March 30th in VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art.

Captain Joost Van Lubeek comes from the people who conquered their land from the sea and challenged the oceans to discover the world.

A Dutchman from Rotterdam, Holland and a citizen of the world, he traveled the seas with men from all nationalities. His last voyage was a four year circumnavigation with his brother on their sailing boat « Voyager ». They traveled from Holland to Cape Horn and from there to the Torres Strait with a return via the Suez Canal.

Sailing the seven seas with his crew, they traveled from continent to continent, to share their different ways of life, to hear the voices of the world, and to write and compose in the loneliness of a never-ending horizon.

His music, a combination between blues and jazz, echoes the spirit of the countries crossed and the beings he has met along the way. It is, above all, very personal and energetic. Sometimes his music is serious and sometimes it’s funny, as is his voice and as are his lyrics.

Joost Van Lubeek has a voice made to face the wind and carry the world’s burdens. In this athlete’s body and behind this face is a life of a man of action, a sensitive soul. His lyrics speak mostly of love, of women met, loved, won and lost. They evoke gentleness, and sometimes rage for this major adventure that is the search for love beyond misunderstandings and wounds. A demanding love, which would be as powerful as the sea and would withstand any hardship.

There is something nostalgic in his music but nostalgia is sustained, and often overcome by the desire, stronger than anything, to love, to discover again and again, to go.

Forward with lucidity and generosity to love this world and the humans who inhabit it. From whatever country they are, whatever color their skin is, and to remain open to all and stand in solidarity with his fellow man.

In March 2018 in Richmond, Virginia, USA Joost Van Lubeek met George Aguilar, an international Native American (Apache & Yaqui) actor who has appeared in numerous films. Most notably as Cahuenga in the cult classic Bagdad Café.

Back in Paris, George called upon his talented connections to help form a band for Joost.

Amar Sundy, A tuareg-born French guitarist, Latabi Diouani, a French/Algerian drummer Charles Button, a bass player from the USA, Ohane Dourian, a French/Armenian keyboard player , Galindo Cuadra, a French/Chilean guitar player.

A young Parisian rapper from Senegal named Hassan Ving who frequently recorded his own music at George Aguilar and Josiane Balasko’s recording studio, was invited to feature in “Isn’t It Enough” with a rap he wrote for the song.

Jean François Grimond, a French sound engineer, who has worked with many international bands, both recording studio and on-stage, has taken on the technical part of recording and mixing.

I joined this adventure by co-producing the album with Joost Van Lubeek (Netherlands), George Aguilar (France) and Charles Button (USA).

« ALL IS ONE » .

Jeanne Labrune



DIRECTORS Sky Bear Aguilar, Solange Aguilar


PRODUCERS George Aguilar, Joost Van Lubeek, Jeanne Labrune


EDITOR Sky Bear Aguilar

STARRING Joost Van Lubeek, Hassan Ying