Academic aspects
of the Festival

      Through Virginia Commonwealth University

Graduate Course : Immersion Weekend for Teachers of French | 2-3 credits


This course is designed to offer middle and high school teachers of French across the Commonwealth of Virginia the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in French language and culture through an immersion weekend associated with the activities of the Annual French Film Festival. Teachers receive two or three graduate credits. This course can be used toward a graduate degree or as Virginia teacher recertification points.

Graduate Course : FREN 511 French Film and Communication | 3 credits

This graduate course is an integral part of the Master’s degree associated with the Trans-Atlantic Atlantis Grant. In this tri-partite graduate degree program, students from VCU, the University of Messina (Italy) and the University of Cordoba (Spain) receive degrees in language and world film studies.

FRLG 493 French Film and the Festival (in French) | 3 credits

WRLD 493 French Film and the Festival (in English) | 3 credits

French Graduate Student Internship Program | academic credits for French institutions

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Every year a number of Master degree students from France intern with the festival. From three to six months, depending on their French school’s requirements, student are an integral part of the Festival office. This is a valuable, polyvalent, bilingual experience that offers interns a unique opportunity in translation, cultural event management, media and public relations.

      Through the University of Richmond

465 French Film | 1 unit

Survey of development of French Cinema with emphasis on contemporary period. Introduction to film aesthetics and film theories. Film topics include French current events and trends, personal and social challenges, ethnicity, women’s issues, and historical or political perspectives.

Prerequisite(s) : Two classes in the 320 series : French 320, 324, 325, 326, 327.

467 French Culture in the Making / 367 Film Studies | 1 unit

Experience in the creation and preparation of a major cultural event on French cinema leading to significant enhancement of knowledge of French contemporary cinema and culture, substantial improvement of French language skills, and exposure to cultural management. Activities will be carried out in French and include writing, editing, translation and interpretation, film programming, advertisement and marketing development, outreach promotion, media relations at the local, national, and international levels, and event management.

Prerequisite(s) : Two classes in the 320 series: French 320, 324, 325, 326, 327.

French classe

All UR French classes, 101-upper level, require that students attend the French Film Festival. Professors are encouraged and aided with incorporating the year’s selected films into their classrooms.

FMST 367 Culture in the Making : Conception and Actualization of a Film Festival | 1 uni

Experience in the creation and preparation of a major annual cultural event – the French Film Festival presented by the University of Richmond and VCU – leading to significant enhancement of knowledge of contemporary cinema and culture, exposure to production and distribution models, and to cultural management.